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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 10, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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said, no, no, no, some movies should be left alone, they will ruin it with more sex scenes. i could in the find one person in support of it. >>shepard: the news begins anew, the sin lanes accused of knocking over a bank and shooting at a police officer go out with a bang. 2,000 miles from where the run started. we have the pictures from the capture n box two, hopefuls in iowa could be a new going for some. really? could be the end of the road for others. and in box throw, violence in great britain spreading like a virus. the latest on the deadly riots. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, yesterday's gains on wall street have been short-lived, a look on wall street and look at that.
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down 333, now, right at 3 percent on the trading day. we saw wild 640-point swing at the end of the market session yesterday so anything could happen. stocks were all over the place before ending 400 points up after the central bank announced plan dozen keep interest rates at zero but the u.s. economy has weakened. we hear the same thing from the white house. >> we, broadly speaking, recognize the economy has slowed down, the growth has not been where outside economists and inside economists believed it would be for a variety of reasons that caused that to happen. >>shepard: and the dow so far this year. you can see the plunge in the past 2 1/2 weeks but what is happening on wall street has to do with the debt crisis in
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europe. there, multiple countries are running out of cash and france could be the next world power to get a world downgrade after the united states lost its triple-a rating last week. we will keep a close eye through the hour and now the host of the "willis report". what happened between yesterday and today? why are we way down? >>guest: reports that sarkozy from france was meeting with the finance ministers ending the summer vacation early to talk about how to cut debt in that country. s&p came in and said they are reaffirming france's triple a credit rating. they say france has lower deficits and better fiscal slows than the united states so that news from an analyst there, and it is the market if you don't like what is going on, just wait a few minutes and something else will be happening.
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we were as lows an 455 points down. >>shepard: and now here we are, gold prices are going only in one direction. >>guest: touching $1,800 backed off of that and now at $1,733. and a report that oil is up, doing well. up, i know. and last i checked five minutes ago, the ten year treasury, s&p says we are not worth a darn but everyone is dumping into ten-year treasuries, the yield at two and change. i don't know who is buying this because you are getting nothing for the government to have your money. >>shepard: it is a place to park it. and if it is a lot of money you have to pay to park it. congratulations on being part of the best team in business. we will catch the willis report each day at 4:00 in oxford where we are moving forward. the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. if you don't get the fox business network, demand it.
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the cross country manhunt for the armed siblings, the dougherty gang, ended with a crash. in colorado. a stripper and her two armed brothers seen here have been on the run since last week after police say they fired 20 shots at an officer during a high speed chase in florida then cops in georgia say they robbed a bank there with semiautomatic weapons and today the end of the road a picture of the crash scene, the get away car, wrecked, the colorado state patrol reports the trooper captureed them near colorado city after the high-speed chase ended. our den-based correspondent has the news. this started with a chase and it ended with a chase, too. >>guest: it did. a car chase. and according to authorities, doughertys were shooting at law enforcement and during that 20-mile long car race the doughertys were shooting at the
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colorado state patrol who was on their trillion -- their trail going so far in the southern part of colorado on i-25 that they actually drove over some of the stop sticks that cops they out on the road and they hit a guardrail, the car flipped and they crashed. these are photographs taken at the scene. i-25 is closed for the investigation and to clean up the mess. law enforcement officials say two of the three were taken to a hospital to be treated for nonlife threatening injuries and a third was caught after trying to make a run for it and they are expected to be booked into jail when released from doctors and we expect a press conference from authorities. >>shepard: how did they cash up with them? do we know? >>guest: we have an idea from the cops who got credible information from key people. it was yesterday in colorado springs in a parking lot of an outdoor recreation store that someone saw the three going into the building so they called the cops and this morning the three
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tried to buy ammunition for an ak-47 at a wal-mart and the clerk recognized them and called police. and their car was seen as a camp site and a sheriff spotted them at a gas station subway shop. where they will land in the next 24 hours we are not sure. the colorado state patrol said they have broken so many laws in so many places that the feds will have to sort this out. >>shepard: thank you from our rocky mountain newsroom. more death and violent riots across great britain as the prime minister promises to fight back with whatever it takes. three muslim men died overnight as somebody hit them with a car. they say the men were out patrolling their own neighborhood trying to protect it from the looters and the prime minister spoke about the deaths earlier in london. >> overnight we saw the same appalling violence that we have seen in london in new cities
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including manchester and birmingham. and three men were killed in a hit-and-run accident in birmingham and the police are working around the clock to get to the bottom of what happened and bring the perpetrator to justice. whatever resources the police need, they will get, and whatever tactics the police family they need to employ, they have legal backing to do so. we will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order on to our streets. >>shepard: "whatever it takes," police have called in 15,000 officers to control the crisis and have arrested 1,000 people after rioters torched cars and buildings and ransacked stores taking whatever they could carry. the prime minister says he has seen teens no more than 13 laughing as they robbed a store and he spoke about this video which we brought you yesterday that shows two people stealing from another man's backpack
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after somebody attacked that man on the street. we are watching it, and the prime minister said "when we see the disgusting sight of a young man pretending to help him while robbing him it is clear there are things badly wrong with our society." the victim in the video is now in a hospital, and police investigating the death of another man on monday, the first fatality. the fox chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in new york city. what else do we know about the three who died? >>jonathan: just before this incident they left a mosque where they were taking part in ramadan prayers and they joined many other members of their local asian and muslim community to protect their businesses and homes. a car, then, suddenly came hurdling toward them with racial abuse according to some witnesses being shouted from that vehicle, and all three men were hit and they suffered fatal
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injuries. the father of one of them talked about the senselessness of this today. >> my face is covered in blood, my hands were covered in blood. why? why? why? the guy who killed him drove directly into the crowd and killed three innocent guys. why? what was the point of doing that? i don't understand. >>jonathan: the father appealed for calm and asked everyone in the community to remain if their homes tonight. >>shepard: there are concerns i'm reading tonight in london where at 8:09 this could take things to a new level. >>jonathan: great concern because the danger here according to officials is that this could now change from riots which have been purpose lots and senseless into riots which are focused on interethnic violence.
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where there have been problems between the asian and muslim community which was at the root of the incident last night and on top of that tension you have the so-called english against league saying they are going to take to the streets. they are a white nationalist group. they are going to take to the streets to protect stores and businesses from the looters who they say they believe are mainly from the black community. so you have muslims, asian muslims, you have the black community, and you have white nationalists an increasingly dangerous cocktail and the authorities are very concerned about this spiraling and entirely new and very dangerous direction. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan, on the violence in london and beyond. jonathan will talk about this story from his homeland at and click "on the hunt," to join in the conversation. >> military reports that the
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>>shepard: breaking news from west tennessee, east memphis, where cops say an administrator at a private school has been found dead in what appears to be a him side. the body of a 48-year-old woman was discovered by a teacher after 11 a.m. today central
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standard time. at memphis jr. academy, a private school in east memphis, and a police spokesman said a 17-year-old student is in custody at the school. a motive and cause of death is not immediately disclosed nor was the name of the victim. memphis junior academy an administrator shot and killed and a 17-year-old female student in custody. updates as they come in. military officials say a nato airstrike has killed the taliban fighters who shot down u.s. helicopter over the week. during that attack, 30 american troops died and that was the deadliest attack in the war. the victims includes members of the elite field team six but not those same people who carried out the mission that killed osama bin laden. i have some pictures of some of the men what died. officials plan to release all of the victims' name soon.
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they were flown if as support team for another that came under attack while hunting a taliban heard. the remains of the heroes arrived yesterday at dover air force base where the president attended a private ceremony. what more do we know? >>guest: what we have been told today is that they were not on a rescue mission. the army ranger whose called them in, this seal team 6 and the other special operators that were flying with them were part of the original mission and essentially they were called in to go after some taliban fighters who were escaping from where the firefight had been taking place and they were the backup trying to get the taliban fighters who were trying to get away. this is the new top commander in afghanistan describing it. >> there were elements that are escaping and in the course of their attempt to depart we commit add force to contain that
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element from getting out and of course in the process of that, the aircraft was struck by an rpg and crashed. >>reporter: what we know is two days after that helicopter was shot down, special operators traced using good intelligence on the ground and local tips, they found the taliban commander and the fighter who reportedly fired that rpg that the military thinks brought down the helicopter and traced them to a forest near pakistan and they were trying to across the boarder into pakistan and that's when the special operators surrounded them in a compound in that forest and called in a bomb killing those that fired on the helicopter. >>shepard: why did the pentagon wait until now to release the names of those killed? >>reporter: not a matter of notification. normally it is 24 hours after
12:18 pm
second of kin have been enoughed and several days after that now but we told by the pentagon in the next 24 hours all names will be released. according to the pentagon spokesman this was the reasoning. "secretary panetta never intended not to release the names. due to the unique circumstances surrounding this incident including the high number of special operations forces killed, the secretary of defense agreed to honor requests by senior commanders for additional time to fully review the possible implications of the release for the victims and their families." essentially they were concerned about the security of the special operators who have been working under deep cover for so long. >>shepard: that makes sense. we are watching the dow closely at "studio b" and 90 seconds ago we were down more non400 points and there is a pull back. you know that we keep using the tired old world roller coaster
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but it is like that, up and down, up and down. we are heavy into the negative territory. we will talk with juan williams about this if -- in a moment. ♪
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>>shepard: continuing coverage now of the turmoil on wall street. drama over the economy a hot topic on the campaign trail as the dow is sinking. g.o.p. candidates are blaming president obama for everything including job and the downgrading of the american credit. and now wednesday's with juan williams with us live in dallas, texas. so i guess it is about a million degrees there, like the
12:23 pm
political temperature. how will politics play out during this market period? >>juan: right now there is so much pressure coming on washington just people fed up with washington. high percentage of people think what has been going on, this is the word they use to identify "ridiculous," "paralyzed." so you get washington right now, some talk of bringing congress back, the white house under pressure for ideas before the president takes the caravan out west to impress open the american people that he is focused on jobs. but, what ideas are coming forth really are in question. right now he is talking about trade deals, patent reform, doing more in terms of lowering corporate and individual tax rates and in exchange for eliminating deductions and loop hells. those are the ideas that are around and some of them actually have traction on both the republican and democratic side. >>shepard: i wonder what
12:24 pm
exactly is the best-case-scenario for the country? i get tired of thinking of this in political terms because this is about all of us. what, really, if the government is downsizing how the government can create jobs? the only way the government creates job is to hire people working for the government. >>guest: well, this is part of it. an idea that is out there is so-called infrastructure bank. why necessity if you saw it today but in several big newspapers the left-leaning group and others had an ad in the pain saying we need to invest in america. government should be increasing spending. but you know that is politically at the moment not saleable and here i am in texas, people like perry, the governor who may be getting in the race did not buy into this and in iowa the debate on fox tomorrow night, we will hear, tomorrow night, people assail what washington has failed to do. and especially the stimulus spending that was wasted money and drove us deeper into debt.
12:25 pm
at the same time, we know that as a matter of economics what you would expect from government at this point is government would be investing more in the economy even in terms of the federal reserve, the action they took yesterday to promise stability in terms of interest rates, people are saying what we need is you to buy more long-term bonds, express confidence in the economy in that way so you are putting more money and that would boost spending, boost consumer confidence as well as investor confidence. >>shepard: gridlock seems to be the word of the day. stay cool in dallas, juan williams. >>juan: they are looking for a record and i hope tomorrow we see real ideas not just people cursing out the president or cursing out other republicans. >>shepard: we will see. if history is our guide, both sides ... they got their own thing going. >>juan: they play games. >>shepard: juan williams in smokin' hot dallas.
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fox news is america's election headquarters. eyes on iowa live right here on america's choice for news on cable. the debate and saturday's straw poll could spell the end of the road for some g.o.p. hopefuls according to analysts. and now the declared frontrunner: romney is expected for the debate but choosing to focus more on other states. the former massachusetts governor is not formally participating in saturday's straw president. his name is on the ballot, though. and minnesota congressman michelle buck -- michele bachmann making a big shush the she was born in iowa and spent a lot of time there and banking a lot on this. the former minnesota governor pawlenty and he needs a strong showing. he. s behind the competition in numerous national polls. live coverage tonight on the fox report where we are moving
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forward together. you can catch the debate tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern and bret baier and chris wallace will be on hand to bring you the action again, tomorrow at 9:00 eat en, -- 9:00 eastern and a stripper and her two brothers now in custody. now, what about legally? what can be done with the folks who hightailed it halfway across the country? guess who is the most hated person in america? hello? hi, we're looking to save some money on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compartes side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds!
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the hunt for armed and dangerous dougherty gang ended with a crash in colorado. as we reported the trio rolled the get away car today in colorado during a high-speed chase. the siblings accused of shooting 20 rounds at a police officer in florida, then robbing a bank in georgia, interest semiautomatic weapons. so, where do they go to court? and now to the lawyers, former prosecutor and legal analyst, arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney. what did you do, arthur, who gets first crack?
12:32 pm
>> there are federal crimes committed here that are not state crimes. state crimes that are not federal crimes and everything, when you cross over a border of a state to state it is automatically a federal crime, so, the federal and state authorities will sit down, the feds usually have their priority. they get to go first, that is the way the system is. and, unfortunately, for these 20-year-old kids they probably will never see the light of day. >>shepard: did you say unfortunately? >> when a 20-year-old goes away for life it is sad. >>shepard: it might be good for the rest of society, win of them did have more than a dozen felonies already, felony convictions and the female of the three had put together quite the we writings and otherwise for herself. >> she has been deteriorating with cases where she has been chased by police, and she clearly is going downhill and i
12:33 pm
know we made a big deal of her being a stripper but to add insult to injury the manager of the strip club said she was in consistent and not even a popular stripper. >> they are facing so many different counts on so many different levels that when i say that the 21-year-old will never see the light of day i mean never. he will have consecutive state sentences and consecutive -- they are on video, they . >>shepard: we will see how it goes. >> the first case will be in the southern district of georgia federally, the armed robbery case, when you have a bank robbery you will see that go first. that will be 100 percent the first case, and it will be a federally prosecuted case and
12:34 pm
after that, if anyone wants to take a shot at them they will, but the one thing in the federal system, there is no parole so as arthur said, it will be a long time before any of these he, the trio--. >>shepard: the warning signs were there over and over and over again. i'm not blaming the system or anything else but it is sad we didn't get them locked up before they did all this. >>guest: probably blame the mom if you want to start throwing blame around. the associated press called her and she hung up on them. there are tons of warning. warning signs when kids are 16, 15, found, and responsible parents parents have to step in. it is the parentss' fall to say you have a problem kid and look for whatever resources are there before they take a gun and rob a bank. >>guest: the youngest one had just been registered because of a sexting prosecution and you
12:35 pm
never see anybody react like this when you registered. when someone registers it is very oppress ever process and it scares people to death. and the fact he did this was a warning sign there were other issues. clearly, you will have to have all the kids evaluated it is the only way to do it. you have to look at them mentally and see what is going on. >>shepard: thank you both, drew and arthur. breaking news on wall street, the dow is in free fall again. these are the lows of the session, a moment good morning we were down 4 percent on this day, everything we got back yesterday in a 420-point ride is for this moment, at least, gone. turmoil on wall street. there are new concerns in europe and serious concerns here in the united states that the economy itself is not being fixed and that jobs are not being created. jobs are the biggest problem in
12:36 pm
the united states of america, the credit crisis may top that in europe but here the problem is jobs. if you get people to work, people will spend, and they will pay their taxes and the economy will improve. that has not happened and it is not happening, the job situation is the core of all of this and the dow jones industrial average in the toilet. again. today. new details in the case of the american women missing on the island of aruba in the same town where natalee holloway disappeared six years ago. a man being held in the case denies anything to do with the disappearance. he was american. traveling with this woman. she is 35 years old, and he claims they went snorkeling and she somehow vanished in the ocean. we are told police detained that man before he got on a plane to fly home to the country and he has changed his story not once but several times. you will recall in 2005 natalee holloway disappeared on a school trip. no one has ever found her
12:37 pm
remains. and phil keating covered that case and now this one. phil, what do we know? phil: the place where miss guard neither and her date allegedly went new york killing was down beach from known for blue parrotfish and known as "baby fish," and her companion says they went new york killing. and he has a criminal record in the united states involving restraining orders placed against him by two separate women and an ex wife would claimed he physically abused her but in aruba after she went said they were new york -- they were snorkeling and he comes back and she is nowhere to be found presumably at sea. but after a day of sink they have not found we the 35-year-old and the solicitor general says there is a very simple reason why they arrested him as the airport.
12:38 pm
"currents were nil, no wind, water clear and the details don't add up." she was living with a boyfriend for the past eight months in maryland and he said he was not only deceived about aruba but the entire new york kill, story is suspect because when they went to a beach on vacation, she would never get her head wet and her parents and best friend hope they will be found alive. >> i say that show is more than a pretty face, she is a human being with a huge heart and she is very loyal and she definitely is the glass half full kind of girl. >> he will be in custody in aruba at least until wednesday and her ipad is being examined for clues and perhaps any e-mails or text she may have sent and the blackberry has been sent to the netherlands and the natalee holloway resource center
12:39 pm
found in her honor to look for missing person cases in the future, they have been involved if this case, as well, with the striking similarities. >>shepard: thank you from south florida, phil, thank you. casey anthony is the most hated person in america. that's the result of a through poll which tracks how people rate such public figures as paris hilton and octomom and casey anthony beat both of those in the latest survey, and the celebrity poll is conducted each week and 1,000 people responded and of those would know of the trial 94 percent say they don't like her and another 57 percent call the florida mom creepy. you will recall a jury acquitted casey anthony last month of killing her daughter caylee and her lawyers say she is in hiding. the self-described prophet warren jeffs who used religion as an excuse to rape underage girls has a new look. police in texas releasing this mug shot of warren jeff going
12:40 pm
life sentence plus 20 years now, there is no more hair. of course a jury convicted the prophet offing a great separated sexual assault of a 12-year old girl and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl and he claims both were his spiritual wives. and we are moving forward, moms would not want me to talk on television about what warren jeffs is doing in jail. 12 united states lawmakers in charge of cutting more than $1 trillion off the federal deficit but can 12 lawmakers agree on anything in washington, dc? that is ahead. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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nichols >>shepard: another hore day on wall street with the dow off over 400 points and you can guarantee it will keep on changing and we will talk with the "wall street journal" about how this plays into politics. what the new members of the super committee that are supposed to come together to figure how to cut more money from the budget, how they are going to work, or factor with the market turmoil down 4 percent on a session. every penny regained yesterday in the stock market has been lost at least for the second today. a dozen u.s. lawmakers are about to begin the task of finding $1.2 trillion in spending cuts and that super committee will require compromise and political risk to reach a a consensus.
12:45 pm
mike emanuel has the names and we learn which six republicans will it is on the panel. >>guest: reactions is republicans picked those highly unlikely to agree including dave camp from michigan, and fred upton and another veteran member known as boehner establishment republicans. in the senate, republican leader mcconnell picked jon kyl, the second highest position in the senate and a senior member of the finance committee, and pat toomey a fiscal hawk, and rob portman from ohio, budget director for george w. bush and he knows the ins and outs of the federal budget and the white house press secretary offered this reaction. >> every member of congress who is elected and sent to
12:46 pm
washington to represent his or her constituents has a responsibility to act seriously when asked to deal with such a serious serious and the president expects the appointed members of this select committee will did so. both republicans and democrats. >>reporter: the names are the republican side of the negotiating table and we know that there will be three more democratic names still to come. >>shepard: we are waiting for the minority leader, nancy people less to announce her pick of the house democrats but do we have, what are the senators saying? >>guest: the number four is patty murray, and max baucus, and john kerry is a familiar name obviously as a presidential candidate and chairman of the foreign affairs committee and the senators issued a joint statement saying "we lock forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers to
12:47 pm
address the issues in a balanced and practical way." this is not going to be easy, our challenge is to find common ground without damaging anybody's principles, so this is not going to be easy. >>shepard: thank you, mike, we are watching the dow off 450 points at this moment, about 4 percent, and john will be with us in a moment to help us figure out how the appointees to the super committee will operate in the current climate. and a look at an amazing rescue in washington state. where a 12-year-old nearly drowned and at what point paramedics say his heart stopped. weed this for 20 minutes this child was underwater. wait until you hear how it is for a day free of pain.
12:48 pm
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>>shepard: still watching wall street. the final minutes are upon us. we have nine minutes and five seconds left in trading on wall street and we are down 4 percent. it has been a bloodbath the past three weeks. continuing coverage of the economy and the super committee pick, the super committee a group of lawmakers on whom we just reported who will be tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in spending cuts as part of the debt deal. both parties have chosen hard-liners over moderates. and now, the assistant managing editor for the "wall street journal" owned by our parent company. they do not seem to have chosen people who work and play well together. >>guest: we know they have not agreed all the way through this and there is a tremendous amount of disagreement in the republican party and democratic party and between the two parties. the tail wind is that congress
12:52 pm
knows the public is blaming them across the board for mismanagements of the debt ceiling negotiation and probably contributed to the anxiety we now see playing out in the market so polls show everyone is getting the blame. that is a tail wind going into this to do a better job. the other tail wind are they have, right before them, what happens when there is not proper economic management. they see the markets going down and they are getting a lot of telephone calls from constituents this you have to, this time, get it right. and we have time between now and thanksgiving when they come up with a report for the critical issues, entitlements, and taxes. >>shepard: one side does not want to cut services and the other side does not want to raise revenue. that is complicated. >>guest: that is what led to the gas of the debt ceiling but now they have huge stakes on the table. we are only back to where the market was in december so this
12:53 pm
is not like it is a huge loss. not yet. on the other hand people are measuring their wealth by where the market was and now it is down so there is a reverse wealth effect in the economy. that means people are less likely to go out and consume and businesses are less likely as a result of that to hire so unemployment doesn't shift or it gets worse and the economy stagnates so the possibility of a double dip recession goes up as the markets decline further. >>neil: now, how real is the possibility as we approach down 500. >>guest: we are even with where we were back in december but you can feel people pulling in their horns, right? the discussion now that you see, that you hear animating what is going on in the market is all about government spending less, cutting employment, that leads to individuals hearing that and spending less, as well.
12:54 pm
and that cascades down to consumer sentiment and what businesses will did for the future, and all of that is constrictive on the economy. >>neil: -- >>shepard: what are people supposed to do with whatever machine they have? >>guest: you are hearing people tell people to sit tight. i'm not sure whether that is the right or wrong thing given the direction of the market, but one thing they don't have to fall back on, in the past would say they go up and they go down but i still have my biggest asset, the traditional biggest asset for a house was the house and the house was appreciating over the previous 20 or 30 years and now they don't have that. so that will contribute to what is going on in the market particularly if the mortgage is underwater, into this reverse wealth effect. >>shepard: it is grip. the prospects are grim at the moment we hope someone can figure something out. thank you, john.
12:55 pm
i'm getting breaking news, disturbing story out of oklahoma, according to the oklahoma city immediate -- media coordinator they found a bomb in a pipeline believes an improvised slowive -- explosive device on a gas line with a timing mechanism. the highway patrol bomb team was alerted and dispatched and they are rendering the device safe and we will have new updates on that, the possibility of a bomb on a gas pipeline in oklahoma. and now what we feared has happen the dow crashed through the 500 point loss down more than 4.5 percent in the last few seconds everything we got back yesterday is gone, again, today and we will have the last moment of the trading right after this on "studio b" ahead.
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: we are down on the dow jones industrial average close to 5 percent. the market in france and germany closed a few hours ago after today's trading, down right at 5 percent. and a lot of this now has to do with fears of a new global banking crisis. there were rumors and long been thought that france could be the next to lose their triple a credit rating, but the agencies said that would not happen but that has not calmed the markets and i am not entirely sure everyone believes. rumors are being denied that bad things are happening and there is a big fear of banks around the world and that is moving the market. it does not take much to move the markets. there is fear. and after last week, we saw panic. today, fear could be the word of


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